Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the Golden Spike Awards this year?

Save the following materials to this Qualtrics form:

  • Completed entry form (Download: PDF or WORD)
  • 100-word At-a-Glance
  • Summary (Two pages for Campaigns; One page for Tactics)
  • Supporting materials in digital format as appropriate (PDF, MOV, Word, etc.)

NOTE: Entries must have been created primarily in Utah between July 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017, and been executed during that time frame.

Pay Entry Fee

The submission deadline is Sept. 1, with late submissions at a higher entry fee accepted through an extended deadline of Sept. 11.

Online payments are accepted for all entries. Provide the appropriate contact information and award entry title (or titles) and select the number of entries you’d like to pay for. You may pay for multiple entries at the same time by changing the drop-down number next to the field at the bottom of the form labeled: Number of Tickets. Although this field specifies ‘tickets,’ it’s for GSA entries. An online payment portal will be available in the future for purchasing tickets to the Nov. 16 Golden Spike Awards dinner and ceremony. More details about the event are available here.

Are paper copies okay to submit?

No. Paper copies in binders (as has typically been done in the past) will not be accepted this year. Only digital files submitted on this Qualtrics form as per the above entry submission information will be accepted.

How many entries can I send in?

Each entry has a separate fee. You may enter as many categories as you like in either division.

We have an entry that fits a category, but we are a marketing company (advertising agency, marketing department, etc.,) more than a public relations company (or department). Can we still enter the Golden Spike Awards?

Yes. We look for the entry to fit the award category more than we look at which branch of communication it comes from. Several categories give awards for work that could be done by any of the advertising/marketing/public relations disciplines, so as long you represent one of those, you’re good to go.

Can I enter the same category more than once?

Yes. Just keep in mind that you’ll be competing against yourself in that category.

Can I win in more than one category?

Yes, you can win in more than one category, however, in order to be judged in different categories, you will need to submit separate entries tailored to each category.

Who judges the entries?

A team of experienced public relations professionals, including at least one Accredited in Public Relations judge, will review all entries against others in the same category.

How do I know which division to enter?

Division I: Campaigns
A campaign includes several tactics, which contribute to a single overall communication effort/idea/promotion, etc. They often include research and planning elements.

Division II: Tactics
Tactics are considered to be individual elements of a comprehensive campaign that have been implemented.

How do I know which category to enter?

Categories in each division are designed to cover most public relations and corporate communications work. There is no wrong category to enter. Pick the one you think fits your work the best and tailor your entry to the category you pick.

My work was done for a non-Utah client, can I still enter?

Yes. As long as the campaign/tactics were conceived by a Utah-based organization, you can enter the work.

My entry includes proprietary material. Is it kept confidential or made public?

We like to showcase winners but understand that elements of campaigns and tactics may need to be kept confidential. The entry form allows you to pick permissions for each entry. Options include:

  • Letting us use your submission to promote next year’s event.
  • Providing an ‘edited for public’ version of your entry.
  • The entry cannot be shared publicly.

Do I need permission from my client to enter the work done for them?

While we do not verify permissions from work done for third-party clients, you might consider checking in the interests of good relations with your client.

Can entries be disqualified?

Any entries that are discovered to not fit the rules (outside the time period, non-Utah work, etc.,) will not be judged. Entries found to be in an incorrect category, with your permission, will be submitted in a more suitable category.

Can I use an e-document service like Calameo or Issuu to provide entry supporting details?

We recommend a format that will allow you to create a PDF so the judges receive that file with the entry and aren’t required to go online to access entry resources.

The entry description calls for a 100-word at-a-glance summary as well as a two-page summary. However, some of the example entries include a 100-word summary plus a lengthy, multiple-page summary. Is the two-page requirement a minimum with no maximum page limit?

The idea behind both the 100-word at-a-glance and a two-page summary this year is to make life easier for our judges – a simplification of previous year’s requirements. However, if your entry needs more than a 2-page summary, go ahead and outline it as you feel best represents the work. It won’t be disqualified.