Division 2 judging criteria

Golden Spike AwardEntries for the Golden Spike Awards are now open. As you compile your entry for the 2013 event, we’d like to provide the judging criteria so you can prepare and submit the best entry possible.

Winners will be selected from two separate divisions: Campaigns and Tactics.

Additionally, every entry will be judged according to five categories:

1. Objectives
2. Creativity and Quality
3. Technical Excellence
4. Evaluation
5. Supporting Materials

The judging criteria for division 2 – tactics – is included below. Take a look at the questions that each judge will ask when they review your entry.

Best of luck as you prepare your entries.

We look forward to seeing you at the 26th annual Golden Spike Awards on November 14, 2013.

1. Objectives

Are the objectives for the use of the particular tactic clear and concise?
Are the objectives measurable?
Did the objectives assist in shaping the tactic to achieve desired results?
Did the objectives help establish the baseline for program success?
Was the target audience clearly stated in the objectives?

2. Creativity and Quality

Does the entry reflect a creative, unique approach and original thought for the project?
Was the use of creative techniques appropriate for the stated audience?
Does the project reflect a professional use of a variety of creative tools and resources (graphics, art, photos, writing, copy, website design, giveaways, visuals, etc.)?
Does the end product reflect a high quality standard?

3. Technical Excellence

How appropriate were the tactics to achieving objectives and executing strategy?
How well did the employment of the tactics influence project results?
Were public relations or business communication tools integrated in the execution?
How efficient was the execution of tactics in relation to resources?

Specific budget information is not required and is not part of the judging process.

4. Evaluation

How successful was the organization in achieving its objectives?
Did the tactics clearly assist in achieving the desired results?
Are there indications that the tactics reached the stated audience effectively?

5. Supporting Materials and Project Content

Do materials reflect a professional approach and presentation?
Are the tactics components effective in getting attention?
Given the budget, are the materials of expected quality?


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