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TweetBeamBy most accounts, the 2013 Golden Spike Awards were a huge success. The room was filled to capacity with more than 170 of Utah’s best and most influential communicators. Beyond those physically present, the Golden Spike Awards were able to reach an extended audience of more than 140,000 thanks to social media.

The Golden Spike Awards Organizing Committee made arrangements with a live Twitter feed service, TweetBeam, to showcase Twitter content shared with the #GoldenSpikeAwards hashtag.

And thanks to TweetBeam, we can share the following statistics about the Twitter conversation surrounding the 26th annual Golden Spike Awards on Nov. 14, 2013:

  • A total of 266 tweets with #GoldenSpikeAwards were sent
  • The TweetBeam show generated 359,674 impacts (the potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag) to 142,898 unique Twitter users
  • The #GoldenSpikeAwards show had 100 contributors with an average of 1,428 followers per contributor
  • The average contributor sent out 2.66 tweets
  • A total of 82 links and/or pictures were sent

TweetBeam is an ideal communication tool for any event, like a conference, party or concert. The service collects all Twitter posts and responses associated with an event’s hashtag and displays them on a cleverly designed background created from participant’s profile photos. As tweets come in they are highlighted and enlarged so you and your audience can read what everyone’s saying about your event in real time.

Live streaming and curating content like this is growing in popularity because of how effectively it gages the amount of attention your event is receiving, and how it lets you engage an audience in real time. It’s a great way to get people talking about your organization or event.

The Golden Spike Awards Organizing Committee is grateful for the in-kind contribution of TweetBeam. If you haven’t used the service, we encourage you to give it a try.

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